Beauty, Success

MELE Boutique - the only monobrand salon, the official MELE representative in the Baltic States.

Boutique is located in gorgeous Basteja arcade, reminiscent of graceful arcs of antique past. The setting befittingly compliments refined selection of fur coats and other fur and leather goods. The boutique is the kingdom ruled by gorgeous furs: classical mink, ornamental broadtail, gentle chinchilla, luxurious sable, exotic lynx and flirtatious fox, incarnated in multitudes of styles and colours.

Spirit of Naples in the heart of Riga
We have been to Naples numerous times and each and every visit was special to us with new tastes, aromas and inspirations. Every time we tried to preserve our emotions, take photos, sketch various shapes and details. And finally we succumbed to allure of Naples and decided to bring a spirit of Naples to Riga in the shape of MELE Boutique.
Director Tatyana Ursta and
founder Tatyana Taurena.
MELE buys furs only at the most respectable fur auction houses, their labels are readily visible on production tags.
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